Top Interview Tips to help you secure that dream job

We have prepared a list of top interview tips to address some of the frequent mistakes people make in an interview and how to avoid them.


Preparation is Key


This may seem like the most obvious of job interview tips, but some candidates don’t give preparation the attention it deserves. Prepare by mentally rehearsing your answers to common job interview questions (such as “Why do you want to work here?”), but also ask yourself what you’d like to know if you were the interviewer. Doing so can help you respond with confident answers.


Don’t be caught off guard


Preparation includes being ready for anything. Rather than thinking of off-the-wall questions or an unexpected turn to the conversation as intimidating, go into the interview with the attitude that no matter what you’re asked, you’ll be getting the chance to show that you can think on your feet.


Don’t expect just one type of question


In addition to being ready for the possibility of off-the-wall questions, be aware that the interviewer could employ four other types of questions: closed-ended, open-ended, hypothetical and leading. Understand that while short answers are fine when answering closed-ended questions, your answers to other types of questions will likely need to be a little more detailed and expansive.


Don’t forget to research the company


Do some digging online, tap members of your network for their insights and work with a recruiter who can offer additional information about the company. Make sure to research the company, have a look at their website, research what the company does, look the hiring manager up on LinkedIn etc.


Don’t let nerves undercut your communication skills


Keep your responses to interview questions concise. When asked a question, take a deep breath, pause and collect your thoughts before you begin to speak. Avoid verbal crutches (such as “um,” “like” and “uh”) and refrain from making jokes or discussing controversial subjects.


Prepare some questions for the interviewer


It is always a good idea to prepare 4-5 questions for the interviewer – and make sure to write them down and bring them along. You could be asking the interviewer, what he/she likes about working for the company, what is the biggest immediate challenge for the person who gets this job? Avoid questions around salary and benefits.


Don’t be negative


No list of job interview tips would be complete without this advice. Avoid disparaging comments regarding former employers, colleagues and companies. Also stay away from self-deprecating comments, which do not support a positive image or demonstrate competence.


By taking these interview tips to heart, you can make a better impression on hiring managers and increase your chances of getting hired.