We connect with the maritime talent you need...before you know you need them.

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We don't just recruit for your maritime roles. We partner with you to find smart and creative solutions for your hiring needs.


We don’t build databases, we build relationships. We spend our time analysing the market, forecasting maritime trends, and building meaningful relationships with the people you’ll need. Before you even need them. 


When you’re looking to fill maritime roles, you need a team like us. With over 80 years of combined experience in the industry, we know the inner workings of shipping and maritime. And we use that experience to find solutions to even your trickiest vacancies.


We don’t stop as soon as you hire. We help with the onboarding, we stay in touch with you and your new hire to make sure they land on their feet and soar in their new role. 

We're not recruiters. We're

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We have decades of combined maritime experience. We boast former first mates and yachtsmen and charterers among the team.

We're innovators with start-up mindsets. Our model is unlike our competitors'. We focus on connections and market-mapping, not kPIs.

We're partners, not recruiters. we work with clients who match our commitment by signing with us exclusively.

global reach

With offices in Asia and Europe, we can find your maritime talent no matter where in the world you are.

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We’ve built a reputation for disrupting how maritime recruitment works. 

No endless lists of candidates, no meaningless phone calls. Just a total focus on finding the very best people for you.

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