Make your LinkedIn Profile stand out (Step 1)

Your LinkedIn profile is a perfect way to showcase your experience and potentially attract potential employers.


As a first step, we recommend making sure you have a great Profile Photo that makes you look friendly and approachable.


Please find below our list of LinkedIn profile Pics DOs and DON’Ts:


The DOs:


Bring a smile that reaches your eyes


Look at the Camera


Crop Tight when Uploading


Keep a simple background


Dress Smartly


Do update your photo every few years


The DON’Ts:


Don’t wear Sunglasses


Don’t use a Selfie


No Hands covering the face


Don’t Repurpose Another Image


Don’t Over-Edit


Here’s a LinkedIn Photo Analyzer that can help you assess if it is time for a new profile photo: https://www.snappr.com/photo-analyzer/