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Good Operators are Like Gold Dust, and rightly so.

During my 6 years in shipping recruitment, one phrase I regularly hear from managers still surprises me: “How much for an operator!? That’s the same as the charterers in my team are on!”. For some reason, many managers are happy to spend higher sums on experienced charterers, research/risk analysts and accountants, but when it comes to operators, they want to take someone who is at the bottom of their price bracket.

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Why all Operators and Charterers should do at least one voyage

During my time working in the commercial department for a shipping company, I was trained to question the Master and Crew to maximise the voyage results, but rarely did I ask myself if what I was asking them was even possible. That was until I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to sail on board for my first voyage.

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Helm HR Consultancy

We are pleased to be sharing more about our HR Consultancy, which offers a range of services, we haven’t been offering previously.

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Can Your CV Beat the Rest?

There are numerous articles out there on writing the perfect CV – many of them offer valuable advice for sure, but some also tend to overcomplicate things.

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The Power of Interview Feedback

We have all been there. Leaving an interview feeling good and that we did extremely well but did not hear a single word from the interviewer. We often question ourselves whether we are good enough or what went wrong during the interview. We must realize that it depends on whether our personalities match with the company’s environment. Do we have chemistry?

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How to Get a Pay Rise Without Looking for a Job

You’ve come to a point in your career where you feel like you’ve outgrown your salary. Asking for a pay rise can feel like a daunting thing to navigate, but when it comes to your career, knowing how to approach your manager for a raise is something you should get comfortable with.

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