How to Get a Pay Rise Without Looking for a Job

You’ve come to a point in your career where you feel like you’ve outgrown your salary. Asking for a pay rise can feel like a daunting thing to navigate, but when it comes to your career, knowing how to approach your manager for a raise is something you should get comfortable with.


Start by doing your research by finding out what is your market value – you could reach out to a specialist recruiter to ask what you should be earning with the experiences that you have for the similar roles, so you have a clearer view of the industry standard salary.


Now that you’ve done your research and know what you’re worth, how are you going put together your argument and approach the conversation with your manager?


Here’s what to say:


1. Start with the positives.


“I’m really happy working here and I can see myself having a great future here.”


2. Get to the point.


“However, I do need to make sure that I feel rewarded for the job that I am doing. I have spoken to a few specialist recruiters in the market, not that I’ve entertained it, but I’d like to share what is the market value with the years of experience for the role that I’m in.”


Preparation is KEY – try rehearsing your lines by running through what you are going to say before speaking with your manager. While asking for a pay rise can be uncomfortable, look at it as a great opportunity to highlight the value you bring to your role and the organisation.


Good luck!