At the Helm – Stine Martinussen and Daniel Thompson

At Helm Specialist Recruitment (Helm), we firmly believe that taking the time to celebrate success and milestones along the way is crucial for the reflection and growth of the business.


Helm’s 5th anniversary is on the horizon, this milestone also marks our Founder and CEO, Stine Martinussen, and Business Partner & Director EMEA, Daniel Thompson’s work anniversary.


The Beginnings of Helm

 After working for more than 10 years in recruitment, Stine had reached the point in her career where the quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily KPIs were making her question her career path.

Then came the ‘eureka’ moment – “It must be possible to succeed without constantly chasing numbers. What if we chase the right people for the right jobs? This would help businesses to grow and people to excel in their careers!”


It took Stine a year of careful planning before she took a leap of faith, resigned from her job, and registered Helm at the end of 2019, with the commitment of creating a bright future for herself and the individuals who join the business.


“Let’s talk!”, Daniel said to Stine, after learning about the start-up.


Daniel always wanted to be an integral part of a business model that supports its employees in their development, assisting them to carve out their career path and ultimately enabling them to succeed in life as well as in the business.


“We share the same values and ethics, and Daniel has been instrumental in building a fantastic culture, our quality service offering and to top it off, he’s an amazing sounding board for my crazy ideas!” – Stine Martinussen, Founder and CEO


With both their goals and whys aligned, Daniel and Stine started working together on the very first day of business in the year 2020.


Unique start


A few months into 2020, Stine and Daniel found themselves face to face with an unprecedented crisis that saw countries around the world imposing lockdowns, which placed a tremendous strain on the economy. However, that did not deter them from converting uncertainty into opportunity.


Helm started with zero names in a database. Thus, with relentless motivation, Stine and Daniel leaned on their extensive network, industry knowledge, and created a brand from scratch.


People at the centre of everything we do


Fast forward to the present day, we are proud to share that 50% of Helm’s recruitment revenue is retained and we have expanded our team from 2 to 12 people. In addition, we successfully launched Helm People in mid-2021 together with Sine Ravn with the goal of developing better Maritime Leaders with a strong focus on empathy and team culture.


As 2024 pushes forward, we remain committed to partnering with more valued clients and candidates and being the employer of choice for experienced recruitment consultants globally.


“Here’s to 2024 making us an even bigger force to be reckoned with. So, reach out to us, and let’s get talking” – Daniel Thompson, Business Partner & Director EMEA